Wild Range Meat

Our free-roaming herds of old English longhorns, Exmoor ponies, Tamworth pigs, and red and fallow deer play an important role in establishing and maintaining a rich mosaic of habitats within the rewilding project. The key is to ensure that there are neither too many, nor too few, grazing animals. Too many and the land turns to grassland; too few and it reverts to species-poor closed canopy woods.

Keeping the populations within these parameters allows us to take animals off the land to process into meat. We sell 75 tonnes (live-weight) of free-roaming, pasture-fed, organic meat every year – an important income stream for the estate. In reality, we are still farming, but on a very extensive scale and with very low carbon inputs - much like ranching.

Our Knepp Wild Range sausages, steaks and burgers are available to buy from Easter - end October from our campsite shop at Knepp Wildland Safaris, New Barn Farm, Dial Post, West Sussex, RH13 8NN. Because our animals are raised in a naturalistic grazing system we have seasonal availability only and therefore all our meat is frozen. This in no way affects the superb taste and texture. Our longhorn beef is matured the traditional way, in cutting-rooms at Knepp, for five weeks, and our venison for two weeks, to give extra tenderness.

For information on the important health benefits of pasture-fed meat, click here.

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