Horse Riding - Knepp Exmoor Project

To anyone who wishes to ride on the Knepp Estate (other than on public Bridleways).

From May 2019, we have taken the organisation of permissive horse riding in-house & away from TROT.  Anyone wishing to use our network of riding routes will need to apply for permission and abide by our simple rules.


Knepp Estate has a pioneering rewilding project centred around nature conservation.  As a part of this, we have an anchor herd of Exmoor ponies that live in family groups that have been free-roaming since 2005.  To enable them to live as natural a life as possible, they run with a stallion.  During 2018 we isolated the herd to the parkland around Knepp Castle and have been riding amongst them to ensure that they are inward-looking and not troublesome to riders.  In time the mares will foal, and we plan to then move them back to the Southern Block where the majority of the bridleways and permissive riding routes occur.

In other areas of Britain (eg New Forest, Wicken Fen, Exmoor, Dartmoor), where free-roaming herds live alongside riders, the equine community know that they must take care and use their own judgement when riding mares in areas where stallions are present.  We hope that by encouraging our local equestrian community to use our routes, they will be supporters and advocates in our aspiration to grow this endangered breed, by tolerating and helping them to breed naturally.

The permissive riding group will therefore be called the Knepp Exmoor Project (KEP).  Admission to KEP will be entirely at the discretion of the project management team, and subject to the following:

·        An admin fee of £25 per annum

·        Completion of a simple licence agreement

·        Proof of insurance

·        Adherence to the rules

The basic rules are:

·         Stick to the designated riding routes

·         Give constructive (& relevant) feedback from your experiences (eg on animal behaviour)

·         Don’t bring your horse here after using ivermectin based wormers (Knepp has a staggering variety of insects and we don’t want to poison them)

·         Your help policing the routes ensuring that only our supporters and members are using them

·         Give way to and act quietly around Safari groups and the estate team

·         Enjoy quiet recreation in sympathy with our nature conservation objectives

To apply to become a member of the Knepp Exmoor Project please fill out the form below, we will be in touch as soon as we can.

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