3,500 acres in the heart of the Sussex Weald


Knepp Estate, just south of Horsham, has been owned by the Burrells for over 220 years.  At its core, overlooking Knepp Lake, is a castle built by the architect John Nash, which remains the family home.

 Until recently most of the land was devoted to traditional arable and dairy farming but in 2001 we shifted our focus entirely and embarked on a series of regeneration and restoration projects aimed at nature conservation - or 'rewilding', as it has come to be known.

We are still farming, just in a less intensive way - producing organic, pasture-fed meat from free-roaming herds of animals within the Wildland project. We now also run nature-based tourism from our Safari campsite.


The Estate has a large portfolio of properties for rent, including a variety of cottages, houses, offices, light industrial units, and stables.  

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